Renewable Resources Inspection Department

China Inspection Company Limited is one of the organizations engaged in overseas pre-shipment inspection of imported recycling scraps designated by the relevant authority of China and one of the first batch of overseas inspection organizations approved to carry out that service in November 1996.

The Renewable Resources Inspection Department of the Company is responsible for pre-shipment inspection and management of recycling scraps imported to the Mainland. In 2003, the Department passed the ISO/IEC 17020 quality system review. In the daily work, the Department operates strictly according to the requirements of the quality management system to ensure the accuracy and high efficiency of inspection.

The Department has advanced gate-type radiation tester, cargo loading and unloading platform, forklift, etc. The inspectors are equipped with portable radiation survey meter.

All the time, the Department has been strengthening and improving internal management according to the national code for pre-shipment inspection and the national standard for environmental protection. The Department strictly implements pre-shipment inspection of recycling scraps produced in Hong Kong and those imported to the Mainland that are transited via Hong Kong strictly according to the national standard for environmental protection to ensure such recycling scraps meet the national environmental protection requirements. The inspectors and experts engaged in front-line inspection work have undergone a rigorous professional training and obtained the qualification certificate for pre-shipment inspection.

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Tel:2807 9229
Fax:852-2578 4670



  1. For recycling scraps shipped to the Mainland via Hong Kong, the pre-shipment inspection of the batch of goods can be applied for by the qualified overseas recycling scraps supplier with the Renewable Resources Inspection Department of China Inspection Company Limited before shipment.
  2. The applicant shall obtain the CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION FOR OVERSEAS SUPPLIER OF IMPORTED SOLID WASTES FOR RAW MATERIALS issued by the AQSIQ and use the USB electronic key provided by the AQSIQ to log on to the Electronic Management System for Pre-shipment Inspection of Recycling Scraps to China established by the AQSIQ at to apply for inspection. When the application is finished, the system will generate an application number automatically.
  3. When applying for inspection, the applicant should fill in the Application for Inspection of Recycling Scraps to the Mainland and fill the application number generated by the Electronic Management System for Pre-shipment Inspection of Recycling Scraps to China in the corresponding field. The Application should be filled out with regular script of Chinese characters and black pen and affixed with the company seal of the applicant. The Application may be faxed or emailed.
  4. For inspection, the applicant should provide a safe inspection site, auxiliary personnel and relevant facilities to ensure a thorough investigation of the conditions of the goods. When necessary, the goods can be unloaded for inspection or the loading is supervised.
  5. Certain space should be reserved when the goods are loaded to the container, so that the inspector can see clearly the condition of the goods; supervision of loading may be applied for, and the Company will act after full consideration of the actual situation. The goods on the bulk ship are inspected according to the procedure for supervision of loading, so that the situation of the goods at the upper, middle and lower levels are seen clearly, otherwise the Company will not accept the application.
  6. If the goods are loaded too full and the situation of all goods can’t be seen clearly, the applicant can neaten the goods and receive inspection after the goods reach the requirements. The re-inspection location must be in the areas covered by the pier offices.
  7. For recycling scraps compliant with the regulations according to the results of inspection, the Company will issue the Certificate of Conformity of Pre-shipment Inspection.
  8. The applicant should pay the inspection fee when receiving the inspection certificate.
  9. When necessary, the applicant shall submit the copy or duplicate of the House Bill of Lading.
  10. Application Time: 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday. (To apply for inspection during public holidays, please put forward the application before the holidays. No overtime work will be performed during statutory holidays.)
  11. Contact Person: Miss SEE. Tel: 2807 9229. Fax: 852-2578 4670. Email: FD1@CICHK.COM.HK
  12. Inspection Time: 09-18:00 Monday to Friday. If overtime work after 18:00 is needed, please apply with the Company before 17:30. The Company will arrange inspection according to the actual situation. Overtime fee will be charged for inspection during overtime hours.
  13. Regulations on making an additional statement of container number, etc.: To apply for inspection, the quantity to be inspected, container number, ship name, etc. should be clearly filled in the Application. If the container number to be inspected can’t be stated immediately due to special situation, an additional statement must be made before inspection.
  14. To apply for inspection on the current day, increase the number of containers or change the container number, please put forward a written application before inspection which should specify the reason. When necessary, the relevant transportation documents, such as house bill of lading, container haulage document, etc., shall be submitted.
  15. Time to receive certificates: 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday.
    Contact Person: Miss Or. Tel: 852-2807 9256. Fax: 852-2587 8505, 2234 5162
  16. Address for receiving certificates: Renewable Resources Inspection Department, 29/F, East Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Rd.C., Hong Kong.
  17. Main inspection locations and telephone numbers:
    Tuen Mun Cargo Unloading Area
    Address: Hoi Wah Rd., Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
    Tel:852-2146 8309

    Yau Ma Tei Cargo Unloading Area
    Address:Hoi Fai Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel:852-2717 6079